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A Gastric Band operation is a type of weight loss surgery where the size of your stomach is reduced using an adjustable band so that you can only eat small meals.

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The Gastric Lap Band is usually reserved for the morbidly obese, (not that we use or like that word, however we use it in medical terms only) who are in the high risk category health wise due to their weight and desperately in need of weight loss. This surgery is usually very successful however without the necessary lifestyle changes, like all things, if you put your mind to it, you can over come it and that is where the combination of many therapies incorporated into the Hypnotherapy part of CaS Therapy treatment of the Hypnotic Gastric Banding has the ability to retrain the subconscious into making wise and healthy decisions about your lifestyle.


Cas decided to develop this complete Weight Loss System, due to the amount of people who were enquiring and seeing her about Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and some of those people were actually booked in to the surgery and whilst maintaining their appointment, they began Hypnotherapy treatment, in a effort to try and avoid the surgery, as there is a definite fear associated with the surgery for most people. Cas herself has been in and come from a very unhealthy stage in her life, (which was when she was in her 20′s) where her weight reached 132 kg (that is 290 lbs, which is over 20 stone). Cas of course, now leads a very healthy lifestyle and is also qualified to give nutritional advice, so she found that as she was guiding people through on their general Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, that she was assisting and guiding so much more and incorporating things like nutrition, diet, body movement as well as incorporating many of the other therapies that she is also qualified in to deliver. So what happened over time, after documenting each case, Cas realised she had developed a system and therefore, documented, developed and formalised that system, she introduced engaging as many senses as possible and began to specialises in Weight Loss, which is now the system that is in use and always being improved upon today. As Cas continues to grow and develop, any strategies or treatments that she feels are an improvement on the system already in place will of course be introduced for the benefit of her clients.


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