Notice the Thoughts You’re Following

by Heather Richards on January 13, 2017

It is important for self-confidence to notice your thoughts.

Take note of the thoughts that you choose to follow.

Are your thoughts helpful or not helpful for you?

Validate your own thinking and thoughts and then choose to let those thoughts go, however, it is important to validate them first.

In today’s world, many people spend a lot of time in front of a screen, on social media not being social.

Statistics are showing that too much screen time can be detrimental to person’s mental health.

When utilising social media and screen time it is important to be aware and train yourself to be mindful, to stop and think of your thoughts and the harm your thinking may be creating for you.

Sitting home alone, surrounded by the computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Feeling lonely, feeling angry possibly, feeling cheated or even feeling hard done by.

Even feeling intimidated maybe.

The initial spark is not important.

You have that thought…

You choose to feed that thought…

Before too long that thought is out of control…


At this time, you may choose to share that thought with another, who instead of having you see that thought for what it is and how it began.

They add fuel to your thought, believing it is your reality.

It may be something you have imagined to be true or blown out of proportion in your own mind, by feeding a thought and making assumptions.

Awareness (Mindfulness if you want to be trendy about it)

As soon as you share…

As soon as you send…

As soon as you post…

It is no longer about YOU

It then becomes about the person or group of people you have chosen to take aim at.

Yes.. you are still hurt and angry and possibly many other emotions, and you are allowed to be all of them.

However you have a need to be careful about directing that hurt or anger toward other people, it is not okay to take aim at other people.

Such action can lead to being interrupted as slander, bullying and possibly incorrectly imply, accusing or judging another and without checking in on the facts of your own thinking, and this can be damaging for, not only yourself and your own self-confidence, but it can also affect other people.

So.. even home alone, behind your screen, you are connected to the outside world, even if you may feel extremely disconnected.

So.. BE CAREFUL… What you send.

BE CAREFUL…  What you post.

BE CAREFUL… What thought you fuel.


According to statistics around 16% of Australians smoke and 75% of the smokers want to stop the habit. Smoking kills more than 42 Australians everyday and nearly half the number will succumb to a smoking-related disease. It is the biggest cause of premature death and preventable disease in Australia.  Smoking cessation interventions can be an immediate and affordable way of reducing ill health. If a client decides to quit before the effects of smoking kick in, they will enjoy both the immediate and long-term health advantages. Smokers are always advised to stop and yet, often they need and are not offered help and access to a smoking cessation clinic for behavioural support.  Smoking Cessation Therapy Melbourne helps retrain clients subconscious minds so they do NOT feel the desire for cigarettes, because quitting is simple however staying away from cigarettes, can be the difficult part, as that is the part that is out of our control. What the ongoing support and education offers is the skills to manage those parts that are out of the ex-smokers control.

Smoking cessation is linked to considerable medical advantages for all clients. Smokers who drop the habit can be expected to live longer and are less likely to develop tobacco-related diseases, including cancer, coronary heart disease, and pulmonary disease. Smokers also benefit from quitting smoking even after the development of smoking-related diseases, such as coronary heart disease or COPD.

Common methods used on clients in these clinics begin by counselling and medication, or both can be applied. When selecting medication, a client is advised that they may use prescription or non-prescription nicotine replacement therapies. Non-prescription products are, nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges, on the other hand nicotine nasal sprays and inhalers can not be given without a doctor’s prescription. There are also effective non-nicotine medications available that can be used. Before deciding on a medication, clients are advised to seek advice and discuss potential side effects with a physician.  This is a vital step for pregnant or breastfeeding women and minors.

When seeking smoking cessation counselling or hypnotherapy to assist in abstaining from smoking, there are several options to choose from. This depends on the level of comfort of the client, they can opt for group counselling or hypnotherapy sessions or one-on-one programs. Some people may prefer sessions that do not involve meetings. The best results are achieved when the session is tailored to the individual, so one-on-one sessions return statistically higher results for this reason.

Our clients usually have questions.  They would love to know if certain therapies are suitable for them, they want to know how smoking affects their bodies and the withdrawal symptoms.  Female clients also want to know the effects of smoking while pregnant or breastfeeding.   Dedicated and professional staff at these clinics will always be attentive to their needs and provide them with answers to their satisfaction.

All you need to do is be willing and want to quit smoking, and be ready to do it for yourself, your health and other reasons associated to you.  Other people you cherish will also benefit when you give up smoking because they are also at risk if you continue, nonetheless most importantly,  you need to be doing this for yourself.   True, you can quit smoking for good and increase your chances of living a long, healthy, life, free from the life threatening effects  of cigarettes and tobacco.


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