Mental Makeup Plays a Crucial Role in Weaning off Addictions: What’s the Best Way to Stop Smoking?

‘Your life is the result of the choices that you make’

If you’re under the impression that quitting an addiction is next to impossible, dispel the notion from your mind! Contrary to popular belief, the mental aspect of breaking an addictive habit is much more challenging than the physical part. Once you replace a negative mindset with positive, empowering thoughts, you’re already in a much better position! Managing withdrawal symptoms is easier than transforming tenacious beliefs.

Old, persistent thought processes insist on branding you as a smoker to yourself. These thoughts have been formed around repeated behaviour patterns and associations. The best way to stop smoking is to work on changing your mindset. It’s actually a myth that it’s difficult to stop smoking; you can easily do it once you know how!

Without a doubt, nicotine and other chemicals contained in cigarettes are responsible for addiction. But most people may not be aware of is the intensity of addiction. For example, when you sleep through the night, you are able to go for 7 to 9 hours without smoking. You may be surprised to learn that nicotine is released from the body within 2 to 3 days of stopping. The body has more in-built resilience than we give it credit for!

The craving for a cigarette is not a physical pain. It’s somewhat like a nagging, uncomfortable sensation. You feel compelled to satisfy the craving with a puff. If you can sustain yourself during those 3 to 4 minutes of discomfort, you are on your way to quitting the smoking habit! Once you’re able to resist a smoke, you will gradually gain the confidence to attempt quitting repeatedly until you finally succeed. You are going to have to replace these automatic mental responses with what you want. The secret lies in taking control of your mind and using its power to quit your addictive behaviour.

The biggest stumbling block that most smokers face is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. The conscious mind tries to convince you into thinking that you cannot quit. This is where counselling and hypnotherapy come in useful. Hypnotherapy at works with the more powerful subconscious and helps you enhance your mindset. Once you develop confidence in yourself, it becomes much easier to quit! However, changing a stubborn mindset or fighting cravings is sometimes tougher than we think. Professional guidance can go a long way in helping you quit cigarette smoking forever.

The therapist will help reframe your relationship with smoking. By perceiving the act of quitting as a ‘gain’ instead of a ‘loss’, you can transform negative self-perceptions into empowering thoughts regarding your health.  Here you can appoint Quit Smoking Melbourne Clinic for stop smoking.

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