Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy

Is available at CaS Therapy and is the Weight Management Plan to Help YOU Discover, Achieve and Maintain a Weight that IS Right and Healthy for YOU!

The Intensive Treatment Plan that WILL Change Your Life Forever

The Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy 

and differing versions of it is currently taking the world by storm because of the media attention it has been receiving lately, and it is helping many people to overcome what has often been a lifetime battle with their weight.

And YES! You too can achieve Great Results for YOU

Below are a couple of versions of the story, one that was recently shown on abc America’s “Good Morning America” program which is of a similar treatment created by the Sherrin’s in Spain.

  And again below is the version of the story that aired on Channel 9′s “The Today Show” program in September 2010 in Australia.

“So What Is It?” I hear you ask >>>

It is a Hypnotherapy Treatment Plan that WILL Change Your Life!

By incorporating many different therapies into the Hypnotherapy process, Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy will guide your subconscious into eating healthy, body movement and doing what is best and healthy for you.

Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy takes those who are seriously contemplating Surgical Gastric Banding on a non intrusive journey through an imaginary surgical procedure, all in the comfort of a reclining chair. They are guided through the process of being prepared for surgery, being wheeled into the theatre by the hospital orderlies, then counting backwards with the anaesthetist as he administers the anaesthetic to manage and minimise your pain and then the therapist explains in detail to you how the Specialist and the others doctors and the staff in the operating theatre progress through the operating process of fitting a gastric lap band to your stomach and at the end of the operating procedure, you are wheeled back into the recovery room and monitored until you awaken. At this point the Hypnotherapist is actually awakening you and you realise that you are still comfortably reclined in exactly the same chair as you began your journey.

When you awaken, you feel relaxed, but firmly believe you have just had the real gastric band procedure, you will recall parts of the journey to the operating theatre and the sounds of the heart monitor, the smells associated with the hospital and the sound of the staff attending to your every need.

And you will probably even feel your stomach to see if you can feel an incision, because you will feel and believe that you have the band fitted to your stomach and you will wonder how that was done, when you are still sitting in the recliner.

Did you just have surgery?


Did you just have one of those dreams that are so realistic?

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Hypnotic Gastric Banding in Melbourne

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