A WEIGH OF LIFE Volume 5 in Series is Design to help you reach and maintain the body that is right and healthy for YOU.

The prescription for “A Weigh of Life” was designed by a Clinical Hypnotherapist. The various perceptions involved in accessing the subconscious are utilized in this product. The language is presented in a positive and playful manner that empowers and motivates you through self worth, self acceptance and self confidence. Subconscious obstacles are released in a unique style allowing the listener to acknowledge concepts not typically accepted through the conscious mind opening new pathways for growth and change. The abundance of choices involved in living a heathy and meaningful life is explored.

Length approx. 30 minutes.


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The words recorded in this CD/MP3 were carefully and professionally designed to assist you in developing your personal blueprint for healthy living. Choices involving eating healthy and body movement are explored, with gentle suggestions and with powerful hypnotic metaphors. This is done in a unique, playful and positive way. This approach has been created to help improve and establish a firm basis for the subconscious mind to embrace change and the determination to live a healthy lifestyle with a commitment to bring about long term change.

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