Volume 6 in the Series is design to calm your pet, reducing anxiety levels for a more balanced life.

This Hypnotherapy Pet Cd is designed to invite a sense of deep calmness and peacefulness focusing on reducing your pets anxiety levels. If your pet has been experiencing stressors and/or loneliness or generally a worrier, then this Cd can change the life of both you and your pet. The beautiful music chosen specially premeditated for animals coupled with the unique hypnotic voice work; integrates evenly creating a stream of vibrations which submerge through the owner to the pet, reaching the subconscious mind of both the animal and human.

Length approx. 30 minutes.


To Purchase the Calm Your Pooch Cd for just $30 AUD plus Postage and Handling and have it sent to your Residential Address (Australian Residents Only) Please select the option immediately below.

To Purchase the Digital Version of the Calm Your Pooch Hypnotherapy Cd Volume 5 in Mp3 format for just $20 AUD and have it sent to your eMail address anywhere in the world. Please select the option immediately below here.

To experience the full effect of this amazing recording I highly recommend that you listen both together with your pet over three consecutive days, each week for three weeks before playing the Cd when you pets are home alone. Any queries please email me and I will respond.

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