.DECISION NOT TO SMOKE – Volume 2 is for people who are in two minds as to whether they wish to continue to smoke or decide not to smoke.


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Listen carefully, allowing the rhythm of my voice to guide you into a safe, comfortable place in your life. Embrace the change with in and feel the mind, body and soul reconnect completely into a new era in your life. The Decision Not To Smoke is your true passage to living a healthy, happy, rich and meaningful life. Preparation is the key factor in self accomplishment.  This CD/MP3 has been designed to help you make and accept the decision not to smoke. The CD/MP3 is full of powerful and positive suggestions which enhance the balance of the decision making process. Very few adverse words or lyrics have been included in the making of the recording.
Recommended listening : listen to the recording as many times per day as possible and in between therapeutic sessions.
This CD/MP3 is simply an empowerment tool for the mind whilst the "Decision Not To Smoke" stays strong and firm.
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