Exercise In Your Sleep

is Volume 9 in the series of Cd’s
and is for those who struggle with enthusiasm or struggle to make the time to exercise during the day.

Exercise in Your Sleep with Hypnotherapy

Just Imagine!

Going to Sleep and Dreaming of Exercising

and then

Waking Up


You Actually Do Feel the Benefits!

Sounds to Good to be True?


Here is how it works…

The Cd is designed to tap into the neurotransmitters of the brain and send active messages to those parts in your body to Exercise whilst your Sleep.

The benefit is that your body and mind work together, exercising, increasing your blood flow which in turn invites change, increased body movement and weight reduction.

The Exercise in Your Sleep Cd empowers the mind to create new permanent, healthy patterns of behaviour, both whilst asleep and while in the conscious state.

Exercise has NEVER been so much Fun!

Oh Hold on… Not Just Fun, but EASY!

Simply listen on a regular basis and watch the old behaviours fade away.

Just imagine the extra energy you will have. We all know that increasing your exercise also increasing your energy levels.

Exercise truly has never been this easy.

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Length approx. 36 minutes.

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Designed to help you achieve a higher level of fitness and connect your brain and your body together on a journey towards a healthier you.

Use daily for the first 31 days and then once or twice per week to maintain a healthy level of enthusiasm for exercise.

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