EXPERIENCE INNER BALANCE is Volume 3 in the series of CD’s and is for those who need to manage anxiety in their life.

This Hypnotherapy Relaxation CD takes you on an enlightening journey filled with empowering thoughts, feelings and actions. If you find that anxiety controls your life then this CD can help you find an inner balance. Experience an INNER BALANCE when you listen and connect to the beautiful words in this CD. The audio recording allows the mind to accept and manage your anxiety in a way that is peaceful, restful and calming for you. The CD has special empowering suggestions that totally reconnect you with your inner self. Spending the time to listen to this CD can bring about a refreshing INNER BALANCE uniting self and anxiety as one.

Length approx. 45 minutes.


To Purchase the Physical Experience Inner Balance CD for just $30 AUD plus Postage and Handling and have it sent to your Residential Address (Australian Residents Only) Please select the option immediately below.

To Purchase the Digital Experience Inner Balance Audio Recording Volume 3 in MP3 format for just $20 AUD and have it sent to your eMail address anywhere in the world. Please select the option immediately below here.

This CD/MP3 also entails a progressive muscle relaxation which helps to decrease tensions and stresses. The language used in the recording has a peaceful and empowering nature. The recording has been created to assist with creating an Inner Balance for both the mind and body. With an amazing combination of soft gentle music and guided imagery, both the mind and the body can embrace the powerful suggestions that teach you how to manage and accept your anxiety in a way that is peaceful, restful and calming for you. You can listen to this recording at anytime other than whilst driving or operating machinery or simply just before bed, to have a restful night. The recording has been designed to bring about a unity between anxiety and calmness.

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