THE Magical Wishing Chair

THE MAGICAL WISHING CHAIR has been created and designed for children, ranging in age from 5 years of age through to and including children up to the age of 12.

This Hypnotic Cd takes you into a beautiful world filled with colours, animals and butterflies set in a wonderful magical garden. The story is designed to help children feel calm and relaxed and to build confidence, enhance their strengths and increase their self worth both externally and internally.


The Magical Wishing Chair Cd is a powerful way to work within the depths of a childs developing belief system, creating healthy and constructive patterns of behaviour.

Your child will be excited to explore a magical garden filled with new adventures and wonders each time they visit on the Magical Wishing Chair

Children may listen to this Cd as often as they and you wish. There is no fear of over use here, it is quite ok to continue to listen to this recording daily for as long as you feel it is required.

Length approx. 21 minutes.

To Purchase a physical copy of The Magical Wishing Chair Cd for just $30 AUD plus Postage and Handling and have it sent to your Residential Address (Australian Residents Only) Please select the option immediately below.

To Purchase a digital copy of The Magical Wishing Chair Audio Recording in MP3 format for just $20 AUD and have it sent to your eMail address anywhere in the world. Please select the option immediately below here.


You can listen to this recording at anytime that you choose and it is great just as a bedtime story. Do not play or having playing when in the car whilst it is being driven or operating any type of machinery. The recording has been designed to bring about new patterns of behaviour.
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