PURPLE HEALING MEDITATION – Parts 1 & 2 – Immune Support System and Healing and Cleansing.

Volume 7 in the Series was compiled, developed, designed and more importantly inspired by a beautiful friend in need of such a CD.

These Hypnotherapy CD’s have been designed in two parts. Part One – The Immune Support System Meditation focuses on embracing and working with the chosen healing treatments coupled with strong affirmations, metaphors and profound suggestions which guide and support a person who maybe suffering from an extreme illness. Part Two – The Healing and Cleansing Meditation focuses on reinforcing and cleansing the body and mind after the healing treatment in Part One. Part Two helps a person to explore and rediscover their very existence.

Length approx. Part 1 – 55 minutes – Part 2 – 35 minutes. Purple Healing Set

To Purchase the Purple Meditation CD Set for just $50 AUD plus Postage and Handling and have it sent to your Residential Address (Australian Residents Only) Please select the option immediately below.

 To Purchase the Digital Version of the Purple Meditation Hypnotherapy Set Volume 7 in MP3 format for just $35 AUD and have it sent to your eMail address anywhere in the world. Please select the option immediately below here.

 To experience the full effect of this recording I recommend that you listen to the induction and Part One of the recording everyday whilst receiving treatment and releasing the effects of treatment. Once the body has released those toxic substances then listen to Part Tow everyday for at least three weeks. Please feel free to email me if you require any further information, guidance and/or support.

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