Rainforest Bliss

RAINFOREST BLISS Volume 1 is for Relaxation purposes and/or Better Sleep Patterns.

Experience the inner journey towards nourishing your soul where you create the very existence of pure bliss. This Audio recording (available in both CD and MP3 formats) allows the mind to be guided to a wonderful exciting place, filled with colourful visualisations coupled with peaceful, calming melodies. A place where your body, mind and soul reconnect, generating enthusiasm, inspiration and inner peace.

Length approx. 30 minutes.

Rainforest Bliss Hypnotherapy Relaxation CD

To Purchase the Physical Rainforest Bliss Relaxation CD for just $30 AUD plus Postage and Handling and have it sent to your Residential Address (Australian Residents Only) Please select the option immediately below.

To Purchase the Digital Rainforest Bliss Relaxation Volume 1 in MP3 format for just $20 AUD and have it sent to your eMail address anywhere in the world. Please select the option immediately below here.

This CD/MP3 also entails a progressive muscle relaxation which helps to decrease tensions and stresses. The language used in the recording has an inspiring and empowering nature. “Strong Self Control” The recording has been created to assist with the Relaxation Process within the body. With the wonderful combination of soft gentle music and a colourful guided visualisation, both the mind and the body can completely relax, feeling a sense of calmness and peace within. You can listen to this recording at anytime other than whilst driving or operating machinery or simply just before bed, to have a peaceful relaxing sleep. The recording has been designed to build confidence, raise self esteem and improve communication passages.
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