TROPICAL BEACH RETREAT is Volume 8 in the series of CD’s and is for those who need to manage anxiety in their life.

Imagine taking the time to visit your very own private tropical beach retreat that’s been especially created to help you relax and eliminate stresses and tensions from both the body and the mind. Here, on this voyage, you will experience the ultimate relaxation experience, you’ll also explore the ocean and the beach like you’ve never experienced it before and feel the ultimate sense of freedom from life’s responsibilities whilst you take your own personalized mini-vacation on this safe and secure stretch of secluded tropical beach in a hammock made just for you.

Tropical Beach Retreat

Length approx. 43 minutes.

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On your own private beach, the sounds of the calm waves relax you, the view of the ocean and the waves breaking into foam on the shore relaxes you even more. The gentle trade winds that blow also tend to cause you to relax more and more, and be free from worries and any tensions.

Designed and created to help you achieve deepest levels of relaxation and to build on your self worth giving you the inner strength to work through any daily challenges, achieved by utilising your own personal experience of visiting a private beach so that you discover how to detach from the stresses of everyday life and achieve total tranquility so you can be more focused and committed to all that you do.

Use daily to control mental and physical stress and tension and be rejuvenated and refreshed for the days and weeks ahead.

Listen to this CD when you feel the need to de-stress and to slow the mind. This CD focuses on bringing about an anchored thought of peace and calmness which is linked to the purity and peace of the beach which helps you relax instantly just by focuses on that thought.

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