YOU’RE FEELING SLEEPY is Volume 4 in the series of CD’s and is for those who are having problems sleeping, staying asleep, or even going to sleep.

This Hypnotherapy Relaxation SLEEP Cd takes you into a world of Deep Deep Sleep. Within moments your subconscious mind visits the dream world, creating wonderful peaceful dreams that filter through to the deeper levels of altered consciousness. The minds quietens into true tranquility; whilst the subconscious mind is sleeping peacefully and soundly. The conscious mind rests peacefully, gently and calmly absorbing all that is desired to rejuvenate and refresh for the day ahead. This Cd also helps you to embrace the sculpture of SLEEP into a BLUEPRINT which includes the art of nourishment for both the body and the mind. This Cd is designed to take you into the deep sleep state without any wake up, so set your alarm ready for the next day ahead.

Length approx. 40 minutes.

You're Feeling Sleepy Vol 4

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This Cd/Mp3 also entails a progressive muscle relaxation focusing within the centre energy point which helps to release tensions and stresses that the body may hold. The empowering language used in the recording has a profound and immediate effect on the subconscious mind. This recording has been created specifically to assist with sleeping difficulties, those who have trouble staying asleep or even going to sleep. Once you prepare for sleep, settle in and experience the relaxing, peaceful voice as Cas takes you on a wonderful, calm, sleep journey. Your life is about to change! This Cd takes you to the freedom you seek within, not only does this Cd help you to reset your sleep patterns, it helps you become the person you choose to be and to “Live a Life, the One You Really Want!”

You can listen to this recording at anytime that you are planning to go to sleep. Naturally do not listen to this recording when driving or operating machinery. The recording has been designed to bring about new sleep patterns.
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