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Are YOU Ready To Make the Change and Put The Pieces of Your Life’s Jigsaw Puzzle Where They Belong?

BrainBlurHypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness;  a natural occurring phenomenon which we experience every day of our lives.  A Hypnotherapist gently assists the client to move in and out of that altered state of consciousness by creating naturally occurring stimuli. Remember when you use to day dream out the window at school or travel to a destination only to look back and be totally unaware of the actual journey. Hypnosis is a very similar process.

Melbourne Hypnotherapy is an easy and gentle way for the mind and body to heal naturally. Hypnotherapy interacts with the conscious and the subconscious mind focusing on core issues which can be addressed and where changes can occur on a more profound level. When a person enters into a ‘Hypnotic state’ this term simply means that they have entered an ‘altered state of consciousness’. The person is totally in control of self and continues to have an awareness of the whole hypnotherapy process.



Professional hypnotherapy services in Melbourne is a wonderful and powerful way for the therapist to assist the client to bring about profound change in their lives;  empowering the client to live a rich, full and meaningful life according to their own beliefs and core values as human beings. Hypnotherapy simply provides a more direct pathway to the subconscious mind, a state of deep relaxation increasing the healing process by where the subconscious mind becomes totally focused. A Hypnotherapist can teach you “self hypnosis” which is simply a self induced state of altered consciousness. When a person goes into a mediative state, deep levels of relaxation and conscious relaxation which includes day dreaming are all forms of self hypnosis. This form of release, greatly benefits someone experiencing anxiety, anger outbursts, stress and / or tension. The Pieces of Your LifeHypnotherapy can help with Gambling, Addictions, Depression, Smoking Cessation, Panic Attacks, Anxiousness, Self-Esteem, Pain Control , Phobias, Weight Management, Past Life Regression, Dream Analysis, Anxiety, Self Confidence, Self Acceptance, Memory Enhancement, Performance Anxiety, Insomnia, Obsessions,  Sports Enhancement, Public Speaking, Stuttering, Grinding Teeth, Reconnecting Relationships, Grief and much much more…

Hypnotherapy is one very powerful tool to assist you to accomplish the life changing results you want for you in your life.

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