Does Alcohol and/or other Drugs Appear to Control Your Life?

Alcohol Issues

Do you Drink too much Alcohol?

How did you come to that conclusion?

Has someone close to you suggested the amount you drink is too much?

Have you or someone you care about drank until you fell down while attempting to walk out of a room, a bar or a club?

How much do you drink?

Do you drink every day?

What time of the day do you start drinking?

Do you drive after drinking or when drinking?

Do you find yourself saying “I just had a couple” when in fact it was many more, or in reality, you just didn’t count how many you have had.

Do you crash for days and days on end and forget about where you are at?

IF this sounds like you…

… and you want to change…

Help, Assistance and Guidance IS available IF you want it.


Do you know what is One Standard Drink?

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Do you know what Alcohol does?

Alcohol is a depressant, so it will slow the activity of the brain. It is absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and the small intestine, it is a common misconception that food will prevent drunkenness or intoxication. The fact is ALL alcohol consumed will reach the bloodstream.

A cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. The only benefit of coffee is that you are having a break from consuming additional alcohol.

What happens when we drink…

People who drink large quantities or regularly, commonly develop a tolerance to alcohol, meaning they need to increase the amounts or strength of alcohol consumed to experience the same effect. What this means is, some people can consume large amounts without presenting as intoxicated, however, the consequences to their health is still damaging.

How does alcohol leave the body…

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of alcohol does NOT leave the body via urine. Only small amounts leave via urine and sweat. The liver actually breaks down in excess of 90% of the alcohol and the liver only has the capacity to break down and get rid of approximately one standard drink per hour.

Long term causes…

Drinking large amounts over a long period of time may cause damage to many parts of the body. Permanent damage to the liver and also the brain is common and is often coupled with a poor and unhealthy diet, leaving the body in an even higher traumatised state. Heavy drinkers often are likely to experience depression as well as relationship problems.


Often alcohol and other drugs take over your life before you realise that you can’t leave home without it! Simply taking over your every thought, driving you into desperation that you MUST have it to survive, to function and to actually partake in the world.

If this sounds like YOU then maybe, just maybe you might want to STOP…..


Take Back Control…

… You decide whether to drink or not, not the alcohol.

Beware It can be Dangerous to your health just to cut alcohol out….

So… Don’t just stop without professional support. The “Detox” can be too great, causing the body to enter into shock. Your body may well have formed a dependency, and therefore, reduction needs to be monitored and measured gradually over a period of time.

Learn and Discover how to modify your alcohol consumption.

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Drug Treatment and Education…

… is Available in a Private and Confidential Setting
at CaS Therapy in Williamstown.

CaS Therapy Alcohol and Other Drugs Treatment and Education

Legal or Illegal Drugs.


Drugs are all around us, both legal and illegal, many people believe that legal drugs are okay and that illegal drugs can be okay.

Even legal drugs such as amphetamines used to treat insomnia or ADHD, can and are dangerous if usage is abused

Are you ready to take action and Live your Life without Drugs?

You can….

… Take Back Control…

… Because you decide whether to take the drugs or not, not the drugs.

So the choice is yours…

Do you want to reduce or eliminate drug use?

Learning how to modify, simply means that if you decide that you want to take drugs then it is a matter of knowing and learning the risk factors, the safety mechanisms, the support systems and the consequences. The Harm Minimisation program takes you through modifying your drug use within a safety structure.

Discovering and learning how to become totally abstinent from ALL drugs is an optional program. The Abstinence Program guides you safely through the decreasing process over an agreed period of time eventuating in you becoming totally drug-free if that is what you choose to be.

At the end of the day, it is your choice how you live your life and what you do, what you drink or take, and it can be ok for you, as long as it is not at the expense of others.

Change may sound scary or difficult however with the right support and guidance, you can move through and implement change IF that is what you want.

CaS Therapy Drug Education

The types of Drugs there are and what they do.

  • Stimulates such as “Ice,” “Cocaine” and “Amphetamines” speed up the messages going to and from the brain to the body and can cause a person to feel more awake, alert or confident. Stimulates increase the body temperature, the heart rate and the blood pressure, also reducing the appetite, dilating pupils, agitation and disruption of sleep. Anxiety, panic, seizures, aggression, paranoia and cramps are all common side effects of stimulates.
  • Hallucinogenics such as “LSD” and “Magic Mushrooms” affect all the senses and cause hallucinations affecting a person’s thinking, sense of time and emotions causing a person to see and/or hear things that do not really exist or if they do exist, their perception of them is distorted. Effects of Hallucinogenics include jaw clenching, sweating, panic, paranoia, nausea, cramps and irrational behaviours.
  • Depressants such as “Alcohol,” Cannabis” and “Heroin” slow down the messages going to and from the brain to the body, not necessarily making you depressed initially. In small quantities, depressants can cause a person to feel more relaxed and less inhibited. Depressants affect concentration, coordination and slow down response time. In larger quantities depressants have the ability to cause vomiting, unconsciousness and even death.

How to reclaim your life!

The programs available at CaS Therapy for modifying your alcohol and/or other drug consumption include:

  • Harm Minimisation
  • Contained Decrease Pathways and Plans
  • Abstinence Living
  • Education Deliverance
  • Referrals and Linkages Programs

CaS Therapy assists with identifying what helps to bring about the change you need by…

  • Working through the Stages of Change
  • Identifying the Triggers
  • Addressing the Core Issues
  • Recognising the Patterns, Themes and Behaviours
  • Reality Tasting
  • Identifying the risks of drug taking
  • Learning and Discovering the strategies and techniques to help live a life without drugs.

CaS Therapy accepts Forensic Clients, including clients on parole, correctional orders, home detention orders and orders from the Magistrates Court.

Addressing and reporting for the Courts including reports where required.

We can work WITH you. We cannot do it for you, however, we can help, guide and assist you with changing those behaviours that are not helpful or useful to live a life without drugs or alcohol ruling your life. Or alternatively, if you choose to have a life that includes drugs and/or alcohol in moderation, that is safe and supportive and fits in with your lifestyle.

If you would like more information or you would like to book an assessment consultation.

Call Today on 9397 0010 to book your appointment.

Cas may be the person you have been looking for to help, as Cas has worked in the field of alcohol and other drugs in many different and diverse sectors, each unique in their own experiences for over twenty years and she really understands where you are at!

CaS Therapy Healthy Life


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