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Ego State Therapy

What is Ego State Therapy?

Ego Therapy is an amazing therapy that is often an emotional experience as this therapy, brings out the exact part you that is experiencing the emotion.

Ego State Therapy is a powerful and elegant therapy based on the idea that personality is composed of many parts, rather than being a homogeneous whole. These parts are called Ego States. We are always speaking or acting from one of our Ego States. When we say “Part of me wants to go out” that is one Ego State stating that it is ready to go out and enjoy night maybe and then we may say “but part of me would rather just stay home, and laze around in my PJ’s watching television” clearly that is another part, that is ready to rest and relax in the comfort of our home. Each state has its power, strength, vulnerability, emotion, reason and behaviour. When we say, “Part of me…,” we are talking from an ego state. Our various states make our lives what they are today, and in some instances, to improve our quality of life, we need to address the issues affecting some states. A state harbouring pain or discomfort can cause an unsettled and unwanted emotional reaction.

Ego State Therapists work directly with the state that can best benefit from change, rather than working with an intellectual, talkative state that is speaking on behalf of another state. To really know how that state feels, we need to communicate directly with the state that is experiencing that emotion. Otherwise it is like asking you how the guy sitting in the truck across the road is feeling. How would you know? If we want to know exactly how he is feeling, we need to go across the road and ask him directly, because only he can tell us exactly how he is feeling and exactly what it is he needs (if he does need something) to resolve his issue.

Ego State Therapy is not only highly effective in helping to resolve the inner conflicts and self-division that result from trauma, but it is also an effective treatment of the symptoms associated with anxiety, OCD, depression, stress, addictions, low self-esteem, obsessions, fears, phobias, teeth grinding and a number of other issues that may be presently affect your ability to live a quality of live. Internal parts can also be discovered to enhance sporting abilities, school exams, tests or performance or the ability to focus at work or remain calm within an interview setting.

We are each made up of many different states

Where do Ego States come from?

Our Ego States are developed and we make them as we live our lives. Our Ego States are formed when we repeat a behaviour and do something over and over again. This ‘repetition’ learning creates a physical neural pathway in the brain that has its own level of emotion, abilities, and experiences of life.

Our Ego States develop mainly during our early childhood developmental years as we grow and develop our personalities. It has been said that Ego States are formed by the process of conditioned response, reinforced by repetition to deal with the recurring challenging events of life or any new or existing traumatic stimulus.

Ego State Mapping 

Mapping your internal states is a very powerful personal resource and it can be a fun exercise to explore the parts that make you who you are today. With this type of personal exploration you can often identify areas and parts that may require healing and need to change and it is an extraordinary resource to have the knowledge of your states, what it is that state does for you and know that it is there and can be call upon when you need it, rather than having an inappropriate state come out to perform the role that it is not best suited for.

With “Ego State Mapping” you will develop skill to improve your internal communication, the self-awareness will help you discover and resolve the internal conflict we all experience from time to time. Like one part might want to get to work whilst another is standing firm that they are tied and need to rest. When you know and acknowledge these parts, you are able to have an internal dialogue where you are able to resolve this conflict.

Mapping can give you a great appreciation of your parts and the roles and tasks they perform for you, it is quite useful to understand the internal rules of these parts, this understanding can assist with the prevention of self-sabotage.

Ego State TherapyCas and Heather have both been fortunate enough to be amongst the privileged few who have studied with the acclaimed Dr. Gordon Emmerson, author of the book on Ego States and Happy Parts as well as many published articles. Self Esteem Therapy is one of the modalities and frameworks in which we here at CaS Therapy are qualified and honoured to be able to utilize to assist our clients.

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Cas is pictured above with Dr. Gordon Emmerson

Heather is pictured above with Dr. Gordon Emmerson

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