Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy….

… with a Hypnotherapist who used to Smoke.

Seriously… Are you really ready to Quit Smoking with hypnosis permanently?

Yes! From 2 packs per day to now approaching 13 years without a puff.

Yes, you could place me in a room full of smokes and smokers and NO WAY in the world would I even think about joining in.

Would you like that to be you?


Is it time for you to Quit?

Yes. I mean have your LAST CIGARETTE EVER….

Have you tried and failed 3, 4, 5, 10 or 20 times before?


What is smoking really costing you?

Do the sums…

A pack per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year.

…. that’s approximately $20 per day x 7 days per week x 52 weeks per year…

that equals a massive $7,280 per year up in smoke

and how long have you been smoking?

10… 20… 30 years?

Wooo and how much longer are you going to throw away that money?

Simply by stopping now… by default over the next 10 years you will inherit $72,800.00

Yes $72,800.00

What could you do with that if you had it right now?

Oh… and that is just the money.


How is the health?

Have you got a cough yet?

Are the kids at you to quit?

Are you thinking of bringing a life into this world?



Are you really ready to do what it takes and quit…

Our Quit Smoking program is intense and it is a firm commitment and investment in yourself and your health.


IF… You are ready, I am here to help, guide and assist you through this process.

We are not the cheapest around… however we help our clients achieve great results.

This is not a one off miracle session. You need to commit to 3 sessions each a week apart and the first session you are here with us for around two and a half hours, the other two sessions are approximately 60 to 90 minutes, so don’t be in a hurry to leave.

We test you and discover why you actually smoke. You may not have even thought of the why and if you have, your actual why may be totally different to what you think it is. Then, we guide you through all the possible reasons, habits and excuses known to man and we address them all with you and see you through the other side as a non-smoker.

We of course Guarantee our program works, as it has done so for many people before you, however we cannot offer personal guarantees, because we believe that is unethical and suggesting we have some sort of control over you.

What we do is teach and guide you, to have control over you.

Doesn’t that sound more appealing to you?

You walk away with a package of information to keep you smoke free.

plus.. a two cd’s to assist.

If you have tried going cold turkey, patches, gum, willpower or medication then maybe hypnosis will help you quit this time.

No need to go into a long spiel about hypnosis and how it works, we simply just block out most of the conscious mind which analyses and rationalises and we go straight to the learning and programming part of the mind, which is the subconscious.

If you are ready to change and do something different.

Then give us a call, ask any further questions you may have and book in your appointment.

Oh when you call, you will need to pay a deposit if you intend to book in, so have your credit card handy, if that is your intent.

So… if you are ready… pick up the phone now and call to make an appointment with Heather to quit the smokes today on 9397 0010

Time to quit smoking


Don’t waste anymore time

Pick Up the Phone

Call Heather 9397 0010

Book Today

For a Healthier Tomorrow

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