Top Counselling Services In Melbourne

Be Happy with Your Lifeis a confidential process primarily focused o­n empowering and enhancing the psychological well-being of the client, thus enabling the client to reach their full potential. The ‘counselling’ process is about the Counsellor supporting, assisting and guiding the client to work through their issues addressing their needs at their own pace, empowering the client to strive and pursue their chosen pathway.

Generalist Counselling Services Melbourne can include Managing your Life (Stress Management), Self Help Support, Conflict Resolution, Creative Problem Solving, Removing Restraints to Responsibility, Embracing Happiness, Taking Control of Your Life & Overcoming Frustration.

Managing Self Esteem is about reconnecting & rediscovering ‘who you really are’ as a person both from the inside & the outside. Accepting ‘Self’ can be a difficult journey however o­nce achieved, a sense of enlightenment & inner freedom embraces you, which opens the doors for you to emerge from your formal state into an innovative & motivated individual.

Addictions such as ‘Alcohol & Other Drugs’ can be an escape from reality for many people. By working through your emotions, core issues & identifying your triggers, you can gain back your ‘Self Power’ & begin a new & exciting life without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Anger Management is about identifying your core issues, anger tolerance & reactions to certain stimulus’ then introducing a new & different way to handle your thoughts, feelings & behaviors. Managing your anger is about becoming ‘real’ with yourself & removing the restraints to responsibility, learning in different ways to respond to situations & certain stimulus’; gaining back your self – control.

Grief All Types Of Professional Counselling focuses o­n the client’s journey through their grief & loss cycle incorporating rituals, individual strategies & coping mechanisms to help with the healing process. Grief Counselling is about understanding the various experiences of grief & that each person moves through the grieving process at their own pace. The depth & duration of each experience is different for everyone. The mind, body & soul experiences different thoughts, emotions & reactions at any given time which can cause the person to become dysfunctional in their daily lives. Seeking support & assistance through this time could help with the healing process.

Relaxation takes the client o­n a journey into a peaceful pathway within their daily lives. The counsellor utilizes the ‘Calm Breathing’ technique coupled with ‘Guidance Meditation’ incorporating specific ‘Affirmations’ most suited for the client. Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques are also utilized o­n an individual basis. A specially designed ‘Holistic Relaxation’ program is based directly o­n the client’s needs.

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