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Cas Willow
CaS Therapy Professional Supervision
Promoting, Developing and Delivering a Greater Understanding and Awareness
of Clinical Supervision for Therapists

Are you wanting to become a Trained Supervisor?

This Supervisor Training Course has been designed, written, developed and created for experienced therapists interested in supervising other therapists. This course is suitable for counsellors, hypnotherapists, and other psychotherapists who practice various modalities. The course has dedicated components to suit different theories, specialising in hypnotherapy.

Course Entry Criteria 

In line with most associations and governing bodies, it is recommended extensive experience as a therapist with a minimum of 5 years of experience and having undertaken regular supervision and ongoing Professional Development each year. If your circumstances are different and you are wishing to partake in the course, please contact Cas to discuss your individual circumstances.

Training Delivery.

Preparation – Course – Assessment

The supervision training is delivered in a combination of pre-readings, plus face-to-face workshops and assessments, both written and practical.

Prior to course commencement, allocated pre-reading material will be supplied. Participants are required to read the supplied textbook prior to the commencement of the course.

Participants are encouraged to read any other additional recommended references in supervision as they feel appropriate. You will be supplied with a recommended reading list, which is over and above course requirements.

Course Delivery Face-to-Face  (4 Days)
The course training embraces the methodology of adult learning principles. The fundamental purpose is to embrace learning of the supervisory alliance with your peers and experience existentialism with the accelerated learning techniques; empowering the participant in the phenomenology process.

Areas covered include:

  • The Parameters of Supervision
  • Characteristics of an Effective Supervisor
  • Legal and Ethical Frameworks
  • The process of supervision
  • Reflection and Evaluation
  • Supervisory Existential Awareness
  • Supervision Tool and Templates


Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to have the skills and knowledge in:
•  Implement the various parameters of supervision.
•  Live, individual, and group supervision interventions
•  Fostering the supervision relationship alliance
•  Solving supervisory issues including transferences and counter-transferences
•  Managing conflict within supervision
•  Ethical and legal proceedings
•  Managing the various elements of Supervision
•  Evaluation and reflection processes
•  Using and Developing Supervisory Tools/Templates

The course has been designed to prepare you, to be ready to commence your supervision practice, (providing you have met and are accepted by your governing association).

Hypnotherapists who are counsellors who meet the ACA training requirements will be eligible to apply for registration with the relevant ACA Professional Colleges.

The training has been extensively researched and is delivered by Cas Willow of CaS Therapy who holds a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision and has many years of experience in the therapeutic field. The resources are a result of most recent research and development in the field of supervision in Australia and around the world.


This supervision course has been recognised by:
•  Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
•  Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA)
•  Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy  (AACHP)

Special Notice to Existing Supervisors; if you are wanting to update, refresh and enhance your supervisory skills by attending this course, please contact us directly to receive your Special Discount Code.

The course may also satisfy the requirements of other psychotherapy associations. Due to other associations altering their requirements at times, we are unable to state that we are always current with every association’s requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cas directly or arrange for the association requirements to be discussed with Cas by a member of the association.


$1,350.00 plus GST at the rate of 10% ($1,485) in Melbourne
Additional Fees may apply in other Australian cities.
(includes 2 months of support from start to finish plus ongoing access to a closed Facebook Supervisor group, and invitations to special supervisors networking days)
Fees are based on a minimum of 8 attendees.
Existing Supervisors qualify for a discount, please contact CaS Therapy for your special payment code, prior to processing payment.

Please Note: ALL Textbook and Workbooks are included in the cost. 


CaS Therapy Supervisors Resource ToolkitThis toolkit alone to purchase separately is valued at $999 and it is currently included in the course costs at NO additional fee, just to ensure you have all the tools you need to immediately start being a Supervisor at the successful completion of the course, without the worry of having to develop all of your own forms and templates.

The Supervisor’s Tool Kit will save you hours of development of:

    • Forms
    • Documents
    • Templates
    • Contracts
    • Letters
    • plus so much more helpful information

You won’t have to develop a thing if you don’t want to, all you will need to do is simply replace our logo with yours and add your business details and you are ready to go…

Kim is impressed with the Supervision Resource Kit The value of this bonus kit is priceless, the hours it would take you to research and develop your own kit would take you the best part of a year. And at the moment, it is absolutely FREE and included as a bonus when participants successfully complete the course and have been issued with certificates.

Bookings and Reservations for the upcoming Supervisor Training: 
2018 – 4 Days Face-to-Face Over 1 Extended Weekend
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of February, 2018 inclusive.
Venue: St Joseph’s By The Sea,
The Bay Room, #16 Esplanade. Williamstown
Click the Paypal image directly above to pay a $100 reservation 
deposit for this workshop.
Full payment needs to be made or arranged by the minimum number of attendees at least   30 days prior to the scheduled start date of the workshop.
If minimum numbers are not reached the $100 deposit will be returned in full.
Full Payment for this event can be made either on Eventbrite 
or by contacting CaS Therapy directly.
Dates and Venue to be advised.
Click the Paypal image directly above to pay a $100 reservation 
deposit for this workshop.
Full payment needs to be made or arranged by the minimum number of attendees at least 60 days prior to the scheduled start date of the workshop.
If minimum numbers are not reached the $100 deposit will be returned in full.  
Gold Coast
Dates and Venue to be advised.
Click the Paypal image directly above to pay a $100 reservation 
deposit for this workshop.
Full payment needs to be made or arranged by the minimum number of attendees at least 60 days prior to the scheduled start date of the workshop.
If minimum numbers are not reached the $100 deposit will be returned in full.  
Other 2018 Dates and Cities to be advised soon.

Other intended inclusion is the Perth and Far North Queensland if enough numbers are reached.  Additional requests considered with suitable and viable numbers. Please contact Cas with all inquiries.

PLEASE NOTE: Should the essential entry criteria, as indicated, not be satisfied, the candidate’s enrolment form will be returned together with a full refund.

Credit Card payments can be made online or via phone or text message. If you wish to pay via phone or text message. Please enter the Coupon Code Credit Card at the checkout. Please note your place is not confirmed or secured until payment is received.

One Off Payment Paypal

In Addition to this Course
Workshops and Webinars for
Professional Development
are also available
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Bookings and Reservations
Next Online Training Webinar is 26th of September, 2017
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Cancellation less than twenty (20) business days prior to the scheduled commencement date will receive a refund if a replacement attendee is found. A $200 administration cancellation fee will apply. In this instance, registrants will receive a $150 credit towards one of the next two following programs with CaS Therapy IF the booking is made within 10 business days of cancellation.

CaS Therapy does not offer refunds on or after the commencement of the course. Students who fail to attend or complete training and assessment will not be entitled to any refund or credit.

Refund or Credit requests with exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Professional Development

The course training can also be attended for the purposes of Professional Development.


Melbourne: 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of February, 2018.

Sydney:  Dates to be Confirmed.

Gold Coast:  Dates to be Confirmed.

Register your Interest for your Capital City in Australia by completing the form above. When the minimum requirement of participants have shown interest and intent a course will be planned and booked.

Please Note: An assessment process is applicable, attendance does NOT guarantee a ‘Certificate of Completion’ and eligibility to become a supervisor of the association of which you are a member, as criteria relevant to the association will apply.  All participants must satisfy all requirements of the assessment process. Additional fees may apply for re-assessment.

Course Trainer and Assessor
Cas Willow

Cas is a published author, lecturer, trainer, supervisor, counsellor, hypnotherapist, program developer and public speaker.

She has worked within several organisations throughout her long and illustrious therapeutic career as a manager, a developer, a counsellor and a supervisor in her private practice as well as within community and forensic environments.

For Enquiries Contact:

CaS Therapy
1 Esplanade, Williamstown. Victoria. 3016
Telephone: (03) 9397 0010
Mobile: 0428 655 270

Note. Cas is also available as a Supervisor for Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Ego State Therapists, Resource Therapists and Supervisors.

Cas specialises in Supervising Supervisors, including interstate Supervisors via Skype or Zoom. Enquiries welcome.

All enquiries welcome.

For Cas’ most up-to-date list of Qualifications and Awards go to:

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