The Next Series of Informative Webinars have just begun. 

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Below is the list of upcoming Webinars for Therapists and Students.

Skills Enhancement Webinars

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Webinars are held Monday evenings at 7pm (Melbourne and Sydney Time)

In other areas this time converts to:

Brisbane – Monday 7pm
Adelaide – Monday 6.30pm
Perth – Monday 5pm
Auckland NZ – Monday 9pm

For all other time zones, refer to Google.

Please check the schedule to ensure a webinar is being held.

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Upcoming CaS Therapy Webinars


Heather will deliver the webinar on

“Valuable Information you need to know for setting up your Website

Bookings for this webinar will be released soon



Cas will deliver the webinar on

“Strategies for Effective Anger Managment

Bookings for this webinar will be released soon

…more Webinar subject will be released soon.



Cas will deliver the webinar on

“Strategies for Assisting Your Clients in Control of the Symptoms Associated with Anxiety

Bookings for this webinar will be released soon

…more Webinar subject will be released soon.



Cas will deliver the webinar on

“How to Assist Clients with Addictions to Alcohol

Bookings for this webinar will be released soon

…more Webinar subject will be released soon.


Other Webinars Coming Soon include:

Cas’ own Empowerment Model

Working with Relationship Clients

Cas’ Commitment Steps

Working with Weight Clients

Helping People Quit Smoking (For Good)

The Business Side of Therapy

How to Write a Headline

The Benefits of Long-Term Therapy

Long-Term Therapy for Hypnotherapy Clients

and various aspects of Supervision

Bookmark this page to review new dates and subject.

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Each Week Webinar Content for Therapists will run for approximate
60 to 90 minutes – in addition to that will be question time and depending
upon the amount of questions that arise, this could be an additional 30 minutes.

Webinars are Scheduled to Run on Tuesday evenings at 7pm
Except for on Public Holidays in Australia.
See the Calendar of Event for Details.

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All Webinars are held at 7.00pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) – That is Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Time.

Please Note: Due to the webinar software and program,
Places are Strictly Limited

and are based on a first come first served basis.

Please note: If any templates are demonstrated, a link will be supplied to download them.

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