Are you Struggling to Control Stress-Eating? Get Qualified Assistance at a Top Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Clinic

Do you find yourself heading towards the refrigerator even when you’re not hungry? Have you indulged in overeating after a stressful encounter?

We have a natural tendency to eat in response to feelings and emotions rather than hunger. This is why you may find yourself heading towards the kitchen every time you feel stressed or depressed. One effective way to treat yourself is to keep track of your eating habits in the form of a written log. Note down the snacks that you eat along with the emotion preceding your snack. We tend to turn to food for comfort when we feel depressed and conversely, the resulting excess weight may lead to depression.
It can prove challenging to break this nexus between overeating and depression on your own. It takes more than just willpower to overcome deep-rooted eating patterns. This is because to most of us, food symbolises more than just nourishment. We tend to perceive food as a psychological crutch during times of stress, loneliness and depression.

The billion dollar weight loss industry likes us to believe that weight loss is as easy as investing in an expensive machine or splurging on a magic pill. On the surface, it appears to be an easy goal to achieve.

Replace fatty and sugary foods with healthy, low-calorie alternatives. If weight loss is that simple, why is it that we find it difficult to shed those extra pounds? The truth is that there is much more to weight loss than merely introducing changes to our diet (although that is one part of the process). Weight loss is a steady and gradual process and professional therapy at can help you shed unwanted pounds.

One of the biggest reasons behind stress over weight loss is the heavy emphasis that modern society lays on ‘thinness’. We are bombarded with adverts and media hype that promote a certain stereotype ideal weight and body type. The truth is that each one of us is different! We have to ensure that we lose weight in a healthy and lasting manner; in a way that corresponds with our body type, height, BMI and so on.

With crash diets and fad pills, you are likely to put back all the weight that you lost (and perhaps even more than before)! The reason behind this is that the underlying cause behind the weight gain is still unresolved. Until you understand the reasons behind compulsive eating habits, healthy weight loss is likely to remain a challenging goal to achieve. For more information on healthy and lasting results, visit a reputed hypnotherapy weight loss clinic Melbourne and seek professional guidance.

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