THE MAGICAL WISHING CHAIR is designed especially for children from the ages of 5 to 12 and is one of the special series of Cd’s produced by Cas Therapy for children who are suffering from anxiousness, and/or in need of some confidence and self esteem.

This Cd focuses on a beautiful story filled with colours, animals and butterflies set in a wonderful magical garden. The Story is designed to help children feel calm and relaxed and to build confidence, enhance their strengths and increase their self worth both externally and internally.


Length approx. 21 minutes.

The journey the children take on the Magical Wishing Chair is a powerful way to work within the depths of a childs developing belief system. Help your children develop:- 1. Healthy Patterns of Behaviour. 2. See them Excited as they Explore the Magical Garden. 3. Watch them as they become Relaxed and Confident. Follow the Link below to Secure your Copy of the The Magical Wishing Chair.


You can listen to this recording at anytime that you choose and it is great just as a bedtime story. Do not play or having playing when in the car whilst it is being driven or operating any type of machinery. The recording has been designed to bring about new patterns of behaviour.

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