Have you ever considered hypnotic gastric banding therapy? If you are tired of always having to search for the right diet and you have struggled with your weight, this new brand of therapy may just be perfect for you. Gastric banding surgery works on the premise of reducing the size of your stomach, and hypnotic therapy works quite the same. The only real difference is that hypnotic therapy works with the power of your subconscious mind and it has no side effects and no down side.

100% Risk Free

This powerful form of hypnosis works by tricking your brain and your mind into thinking that you are full by allowing you to eat smaller, more frequent meals. Any surgical procedure has a risk such as adverse reactions to anesthetic, an improperly fitted or placed band, gastric perforation or tears or even risks with the medications or methods used as part of the surgical process. Patients might also experience gastritis or irritated stomach, heartburn, bloating or even weight gain if the proper eating plan is not maintained.

Lap Hypnotic Gastric Band In Melbourne

Is it right for me?

Only you will know if hypnotic gastric banding therapy is for you, but any qualified hypnotherapist should be more than willing to chat with you to discuss options. The gastric banding therapy has all of the amazing benefits of surgery, with none of the side effects and in reality it has many more benefits beyond the obvious. When you incorporate a comprehensive weight loss hypnosis program along with gastric banding, you can take steps to figure out why you engage in things like emotional eating and you can change the way you think and feel about food on a subconscious level. No amount of surgery can offer that so in many ways hypnosis may just be the missing link. This type of procedure is a wonderful option to try if surgery is not right for you or if you simply don’t want to undergo the risk of having surgery. Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years and it works at the deepest levels of the mind. Hypnosis helps you change your thoughts, so that you can in turn change you life. If you are tired of always looking for that next new diet, take heart, because hypnosis may be the perfect solution for you. Hypnosis makes change effortless and hypnotic gastric banding therapy is often offered as part of a comprehensive package that helps you discover why you eat and sabotage yourself in terms of your weight. Hypnosis is not mind control because the fact of the matter is that you are always in control. The hypnotic gastric lap band is done right in the hypnotherapist’s office and the hypnotherapist will help you get into a deep state of relaxation so that you can feel as if you are actually getting surgery. Since the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination, you actually feel as if you have had the surgery, which is amazing. Since you believe you have had surgery, you need to take the same post-surgery precautions, so make sure you know how to eat properly after your hypnosis session. If you have never considered something like this, you may want to consider it as a valid option to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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