Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy and Technology

Would it be a delight and a relief to know that some of the Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy (HGBT) activities can now be done wherever and whenever  a client is available? This is now possible with the combined support from technology and the expertise of a hypnotherapist who can sit down and work around a mutually agreeable schedule.

If all programs and fads have been exhausted and nothing simply worked because there is no accountability and follow through, this may be the answer to that need. This could be the most effective way to lose weight where guided hypnosis or self-hypnosis materials can be utilized. The program’s sessions are very flexible that only need to be communicated, so that a mutually agreeable time can be set for counselling sessions. It frees the client from the hassles of travel time, tight schedule, non-compliance worries or embarrassment issues.

it does not matter whether there is an application available or none as long as there is a good means of communication. Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy counselling activities may be conducted through telephone or mobile connection. There are also a number of free social application like Facetime, Skype or Messenger that can be used to conduct counseling successfully. This makes client accountability and compliance check for the hypnotherapist very easy and convenient.

Regular communication between client and hypnotherapist can address the issue of follow through. There are no more loopholes in terms of calorie counting, healthy eating options or activity monitoring, since the therapist will be available to answer all queries anytime and anywhere.

Self-hypnosis can be performed anywhere possible like in the comforts of home, in the office during minute breaks or even at a hotel while having a vacation. Anything and everything is made possible in the accomplishment of the ideal weight. The best part is, there is no more need for crash diets, stack of diet pills or worst, the need for an actual surgery.

Focus Areas of HGBT

There are three important areas that need to be addressed when a client agrees to enrol in the Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy. The first area is the eating modification where hypnosis is performed to train clients to make healthy food choices. It teaches in terms of food portion, substitution and nutritional value. The second area is the mind preparation for the virtual gastric banding where powerful hypnotic suggestions will be implied to the brain’s subconscious mind. The objective of this step is to mimic what actually transpires during an actual surgery, so that the client’s subconscious mind will adapt the behaviour required after the virtual surgery. The last area is the relaxation session where the subconscious mind will be prepared for the post-op instructions. This includes music therapy to relax the mind and body, and audio instructions on what to do after the operation to achieve the desired behaviour modification pattern.

Accountability is a shared responsibility between a client and a hypnotherapist where the success of the Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy lies heavily.

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